On July 17, we created a web build of our app using runtime version 4.5.7, but a couple days later, the status still hadn't upgraded from “created.”
After seeing this, we realized some marketplace updates necessary to create builds with runtime versions >=4.4 hadn’t been installed. We installed the updates and created a new web build.
When we checked both build statuses two days later, on July 21, both were still marked as "created".
If builds are completed in the order of creation and the first build failed because of marketplace updates, the second build may not be able to be queued and thus would be stuck as well.
Is it possible to either cancel the first build or allow the second and any future builds to complete?
Also, if builds fail because of missing marketplace updates, we believe they should probably fail gracefully and display an error message, rather than remaining in "created" status.
App Information:
App ID: 205146
Web Build Runtime Version: 4.5.7
Build Type: Standalone