Hi there,
Composer became so slow for me, I can barely do some modifications on my apps. It is getting slower and slower.
My apps are big, more than one hundred pages, I know. But I had no trouble over the past year.
It was never slow during the creation process, or even 6 months after finishing the first app.
Now it became unbearable:
  • I have to wait 5 minutes for the app to open in composer. Sometimes it doesn't even open.
  • I have to wait minutes after each click so that the component I clicked on is selected.
  • I have to wait sometimes 5 actual minutes to save a page.
  • I get “failed to save” errors if I do more than 5 changes to my page.
  • Lately I had to save one modification then close and restart completely the browser after each save as the browser would freeze after the first save.
After restart, I get a 1 minute window in which the performance are almost normal. After one minute the tab drains so much RAM from my computer that I have to wait minutes between each click (draining up to 1.5go from my RAM).
I even tried every web browser : They all crash or freeze.
Appgyver tab is draining up to
Same on several computers.
I literally need HOURS to do some minor changes to my app.