The Option List text seems to cut off or truncate at 36 characters (with spaces), and does not wrap. I am working on a short quiz (Q&A). The questions are easy, setup as paragraph components. But the answers are multiple choice. I went with the Dropdown Field form component. I like the way it works, but users would not be able to read all of the text for each answer.
Here is an example of 5 answers:
  • You submit a QAAP to submit air data to the AQI to OAQPS using 105 funds authorized by the TAR
  • You get frustrated by EPA’s ruling of non-attainment for Ozone NAAQS
  • When someone starts a fire in a wood stove, you pull out a moisture meter and ask to see their wood pile
  • When someone takes a deep breath outside and mentions how clean the air feels, you say, “your welcome.”
  • All of the above
I have also attached a screenshot of what these answers look like on my device.
Is this a bug, or is there something I can do to make the text wrap?
Thank you for your time!