I was testing my application using the app preview portal, however, when I went to test it on the mobile app, it showed errors in the layout and in the execution of logical commands. Initially, I thought it was a problem I had misconfigured. However, the app in the app preview was working perfectly, with all logic, conditionals and variables. I am waiting for some help, as I urgently depend on this answer to complete the application.
Also, I created a test application where I created a simple navigation page and a secondary page to test the logics, with the same design as my main application. Both in the app preview and in the mobile app, the designs were the same, however, when I put the logic in a button, simply to navigate between one page and another, the layout bugged and I could not visualize the button, and all the application screen was misconfigured in the mobile app. Once I removed the logic, the app reverted to its normal design. Another point is that I generated an apk in my main application and it inherited the same defects as the appgyver application.