I have two apps that uses Firebase authentication. On Web Preview both are working correctly. But on iPhone (using SAP AppGyver Preview app) I'm having issues authenticating the app 2, which is trying to authenticate using app 1's Firebase auth accounts.
  • Client runtime version: iPhone 11 with iOS 15.3.1
  • App 1 ID: 350622 (ok)
  • App 2 ID: 364282 (issue authenticating on iPhone)
  • Page in app the issue is happening: page.Page3 (App ID 364282)
  • Build type: preview
It's like SAP AppGyver Preview app is mixing up the two Firebase Auth settings, keeping the first one on a cache or something.
I tried the following already:
  • Disabling the auth settings from app 1.
  • Log out and log in again on SAP AppGyver Preview app for iPhone.
  • Delete the SAP AppGyver Preview app, installing it and log in again.
  • Using the Debugger (couldn't make it work, it's not connecting the device).
Can you please help? I need to develop these two apps and I need both of them using Firebase authentication.