1. When a user refreshes their browser, all their data is lost.
  2. If appVars.current_user.id is empty (ie, they refreshed their browser), I want to send them to the login page.
  3. I put that logic (appVars.current_user.id==null || appVars.current_user.id==0 || appVars.current_user==undefined, send to page accordingly) on every page.
  4. It worked a year ago when I built it. I paused development for a year. It does not work now.
  5. To bug test, I tried to understand what value was being used for appVars.current_user.id.
  6. In one place (the login page) I put loads of ways of assessing it and found that appVars.current_user.id==0 was TRUE.
  7. But when I refresh, the logic executes as though appVars.current_user.id==0 is FALSE.
This refresh issue is one of the very last things I need to fix before launching my beta. Hope you can help me figure out why the logic isn't working correctly!
App 173781. Let me know what email address to send login credentials to.