Refer to first screenshot with 3 containers each showing the same list. This is the view in the composer. Note the margins/padding around the items in the containers (all consistent).
List 1: Manually created item, which has been copied 5 times.
5 items with Visible property manually set to True or False. Item 2 and 5 set to False.
Visual layout as expected
List 2: Dynamically created items using a page variable, "ItemList" which is a list of 5 objects, each object being {"id": 1, "Name": "Item 1"} and so on.
1 item using Repeat with EXCLUDE_BY_KEY(EXCLUDE_BY_KEY(pageVars.ItemList, "id", "2"), "id", "5"). All items has Visible set to True.
Visual layout as expected
List 3: 1 item using Repeat with ItemList. Visible is a formula: != "2" && != "5"
Screenshot 2 is preview. Note list 3 and padding/margins at the bottom of the container.
Visual layout not as expected, refer to screenshot where item is partially hidden but margins/padding is interfering with the layout.
The usage of Visible True/False based on a formula is very common in UI layouts and the fact that the component is not removed in its entirety messes up complex UI layouts.
Can you please fix.