We have a composite component that provides a drop-down list for selection (as we don't like the built in drop-downs).
Share key is '-RBQRu44kY_oo-VfWBLRAQ' for the object or you can look at our dummy project 277383/pages/3.
When the list of objects with value and label is specified directly on the component, it works as expected.
When using a hard coded formula of:
MAP([{WHCode: "01",WHName:"Coffs Harbour"},{WHCode:"02",WHName:"Grafton"}],{value: item.WHCode,label: item.WHName})
To map WHCode to value and WHName to label, to also works as expected.
HOWEEVER, When using the MAP formula:
MAP(pageVars.pagewarehouselist,{value: item.WHCode,label: item.WHName})
Where the page variable pagewarehouselist is a list of objects with the properties WHCode and WHName
When using the MAP formula:
MAP(appVars.WAREHOUSELIST,{value: item.WHCode,label: item.WHName})
Where the app variable warehouselist is a list of objects with the properties WHCode and WHName
The bindings inside the composite component go haywire, the selections and displays no longer work correctly. After a few taps, the app crashes with the attached error.
This occurs using the new SAP Appgyver preview app, the old appgyver preview app, and when we build in APK.