About a month ago, we noticed that the page-mounted and focused events on several of our screens had begun triggering twice.
For more context, two issues were occurring. One was that the page-mounted and page-focused events would trigger twice when any page loaded on the web. The second issue was that the “Dismiss Initial View” function caused the Initial View page’s mounted event to trigger again. Also, these bugs only seemed to occur in apps with direct third-party auth enabled.
Issue #1 seems to have been resolved now, but issue #2 is still occurring. The “Dismiss initial view” function still causes the initial view’s (the auth page in our case) page-mounted and focused events to run a second time.
We managed to reproduce the issue in a new test app (with 3rd party auth enabled). The issue also occurs in web builds, and not just in the preview. (We haven’t tested on mobile, so we don’t know if it occurs there too.)
Initially, we figured out that this was causing an increase in our Firestore reads (and costs), but as Issue #1 is now resolved, this is less of a problem and we are writing this post simply to notify the Appgyver team of this issue.