There are few issue with "Pick image from library" running on iOS (webapp version).
  1. It works intermittently (may be 60% of the time). It sometime returns nothing after user select a photo, no error or anything from its 3 output. User sometime need to try few more time for it to work.
  2. It supposes let user to pick only "one" image but it lets user select multiple. And it returns 1 only even user select more than one (output is not an array).
  3. It shows other options - "Take Photo" and "Browse" (pick file). "Take Photo" open the camera and let user take photo but it always return nothing (no error again). "Browse" has similar issue as pick from library.
Could someone look into the above issues. It is OK to include the other options but please fix the issues as this is a show stopper for our application.
Thanks million!!