Here is the gist. I am trying to make an accordion dropdown.
To do this I have a component that is repeated by a list of objects to display several different text values as top level headings.
I am able to use on tap logic to do anything at all with this level. For example I open the accordion drawer, and change another variable to match the value of the text in the repeat that was clicked.
Another property of this repeated object is another list of objects. I use this to repeat a container with a text box inside of it to display the options that fold out when the heading is tapped (opening the accordion)
The silly thing is, now that I am down to the subheadings or menu items, they will display the names of the items correctly, but they will not respond to any logic. Does not matter if i change the repeat to the text, or change the container with a textbox to it own components. Wont work with data output.
Other fun thing, on the web preview when i mouseover these areas the cursor turns into the pointing finger telling me I am over something actionable.
Humbug I tell yah.