I'm having a bug with the flow function "return to initial view", i have an app with login using username and password, i store the user information and the authToken "on-device storage", so far so good, but in my page "edit user" where the logout button is located (the button deletes the user information to truly logout), the flow function return to view does not goes to the page where the login in, instead replacing the url "....com.br/m-page.Page8.html" to ".....com.br/m-page.Page9.html", it adds the link page to the existing url, like this "....com.br/m-page.Page8.html/page.Page9.html", with this the site does not recognizes the url and goes to 404 page, unfortunately this behavior only happens in web app, in platform preview and Android APK build it does not happens, I'll add some screen shots to show better.