My app only has ONE page and performance is VERY SLOW whenever i save or preview my page. I came across this post (see below) in the forum in which @Mari from the team discussing performance issues. They said this was caused by large project sites using complex formulas and combinations with the rendering logic of components (visibilities)
Mari also reached out months ago to my first question in the forums (see below).
This was in regards to binding the Visible field for dropdowns to a conditional formula so other components can SHOW/HIDE based on the selected value, rather than using the SHOW/HIDE components from the marketplace. It works perfectly for my case, but now they are saying might be the cause?...
My app is not that complex and I have 5 more sections to add THIS WEEK that have similar formulas applied to each model. I stripped down v4 of my app to only ONE MODEL and still the performance is slow when I save/preview. I’ll send over the two version app ID’s for review.
Client runtime – 3.4.4
v4 (one model) App ID – 339656
v2 (all models) App ID – 318498