I create composite component which take list of objects as parameter. This property is linked to app variable. Inside my component I make one event which triggers upon users click on a star icon. When user clicks - internal output variable is filled with current item info. Till now all is ok. But When I try to output linked object list variable to text - I've got strange json:
[{"Text":"Number 1","Index":1},{"Text":"Number 2","Index":2,"page.Page1:db1b841e-8334-4730-851c-86b9a721afcb:SelectedItem":{"Text":"Number 2","Index":2}},{"Text":"Number 3","Index":3}]
Note - starting object list is:
[{"Text":"Number 1","Index":1},{"Text":"Number 2","Index":2},{"Text":"Number 3","Index":3}]
Made example app showing upper problem. Works bad in preview app and web too.
App id: 457735
Another problem is that web previewing does not start every few.... keep waiting....for something.