When using a flow function such as
Scan QR code
that opens a new page to perform its action, triggering a subsequent flow function might require a
node inbetween the first and the second node, to let the QR code page finish animating away. It depends on the specific flow function if an ongoing back animation affects it.
Subsequent flow functions should always trigger without the need for
node hacks, i.e.
Scan QR code
should wait to trigger its success output so that the animation is definitely completed and the runtime is unblocked.
Tested on OnePlus 6
QR module captures barcode just fine (ean13) and I can display it on the same page as page variable. The element to open new page in the flow does not seem to be working. Roughly 1 attempt in 8 it works out moving to new page.
In similar configuration Camera module works fine and opens new page every time.
Thanks guys appguyver is amazing!
PS Your bug template report to which you link above is missing.