Hello all,
Yesterday we noticed that the web preview for this app would no longer load. and would just display the basic spinner endlessly. We checked the potential causes listed on docs.appgyver.com/troubleshooting-faq and tested with several devices, browsers, and repeatedly tried clearing the cache but nothing worked. We decided to roll back a couple of versions and this actually solved the problem.
However, today (12/21), the web preview for the same app is presenting this bug once again. We noticed two new errors in the JS console. These don't present in other apps, so we suspect they may be related to this problem:
*Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING
*Uncaught (in promise) Type Error: Failed to fetch
The web previews of other apps seem to work, but this app does not. We tried the "solution" that had worked yesterday of doing a rolling back (to the same point we had yesterday). But this time the older version did NOT work, so we reverted back to the latest version of the app. We instead attempted to duplicate the app using Composer's new built-in duplication feature (which is awesome by-the-way :D) but the duplicate's preview did not work either. (Duplicate 1 App ID: 323608)
Because this duplicate did not work, we decided to make a duplicate of the version from 2 days ago. We made a duplicate of this version (Duplicate 2 App ID: 323605). But to my surprise, this duplicate works.
We could potentially continue development with this (working) duplicate and just recreate the changes we've made since that version.
But as this is the SECOND time we are encountering this error, we would like to resolve the error before continuing development in case it happens again. Ideally, we would also like to continue building in this main app. Could the Appgyver Team help us resolve this issue?
timo.kapanen@appgyver.com, sorry for mentioning you, but would you mind having a look at this for us? :)
We're very close to launching our first app in Appgyver (which we believe is an amazing platform and community). I can't wait to see what improvements and growth this platform sees in the next year. Thanks, Awesomeosep
More Details:
  1. Client Runtime Version: 3.3.3
  2. Main App ID: 218625; Duplicate 1 App ID: 323608; Duplicate 2 App ID: 323605;
  3. Page: No page in the app ever seems to load
  4. Build Type: Preview